Hi fellas! Welcome to FeelingLuckyToday.com.

Have you ever had the feeling that today is the day when something good is going to happen to you?
I was having a day like that when I decided to try my luck in an online casino. After many bingo and casino websites and a few years of playing I started FeelingLuckyToday.com to share my experience with you.

What is FeelingLuckyToday.com?
It is a website for online bingo and casino fans. A place on the net where you can read reviews, tips, comments and useful site recommendations from the users of online gambling site players themselves.

Why gamble online?
Simple: Because you get huge bonuses and deposit matches. Your money goes further on the internet. Instead of going in to your nearest casino in town or feeding a slot machine at your local pub you better go register and play online. You will always get deposit bonuses up to 250%. Which standard (offline) casino do that? That’s right! None of them. I don’t go to real world casinos because it just doesn’t make sense to me. I encourage people to try new online casinos and online bingos all the time. These sites will give you an introductory deposit bouns or deposit match or a certain amount of free play extra. I do have favourite websites but I usually register on a new site if I felt like playing. I get the bonuses.

My story
I started playing online bingo and roulette a few years ago. I would like to state one thing: I do not consider myself a big gambler. I do NOT gamble to WIN money. Neither should you. I gamble because I love to PLAY. I had won smaller and larger amounts on roulette, bingo and blackjack. I purely like the thrill of betting. That is the reason I started FeelingLuckyToday.com in order to meet people who are like minded.

Please feel free to comment or just send me a message. Share the story of your biggest winning of your life.